Purity & MajestyBy Stephani McDaniel

EMPOWERMENT & High End Jewelry Company.
Harnessing the power of business to help end the issue of human trafficking in the U.S. & Canada.


Zipper Bracelets

A Partnership with the Her Voice Movement


A Line for the Renaissance Woman

Be free to do what’s been put inside YOU to do.



The Renaissance Woman Collection


Purity & Majesty is a company which empowers women to live a cause-compelled life in authentic community.

Our mission is two fold…


  1. Bring solutions to the next step for women coming out of the sex industry safe home by harnessing the power of a small business model of handcrafted jewelry.


  1. Doing it in the context of authentic community with like-minded women who want to make a difference both in their own lives and the lives of the women taking the next step out of this devastating sex trafficked industry.

Purity & Majesty is a multi-faceted company
that’s harnessing the power of business to help end the global issue of sex slavery.

While being a business that is bringing unique high quality products into the marketplace… we are also a growing community of renaissance women as Purity & Majesty partners with local churches, helps train women in the basics and spiritual roots of sex trafficking with Elijah Rising, and empowers people in their “joy center”.